January Blues anyone? How are the resolutions going?

January Blues anyone? How are the resolutions going?

Not here near the coast in Norfolk, we are one of the top retreat destinations in the UK. Thousands of us just keep coming back but why?

Whenever I need a restart I start by scheduling time to make it happen, it needs to be away from home, comfortable and away from distractions. I personally need a good stretch of beach with some wind in my hair to replenish my mind, body and soul. So I book in that weekend retreat to my favourite place borrowing someone’s great home.

It’s amazing what three nights away can do. Get ahead of the winter blues and grab a weekend in Norfolk, bring a book, some wellies and your favourite tea bags. Check out Norfolk’s Hidden Gems.

The properties are stunning, the price range very reasonable and the facilities and amenities spot on. You can get some great last minute deals too. Book on a Wednesday and head to the coast Thursday or Friday for that long out of season weekend retreat. Retreat and reboot your way into the new year.

Cromer Pier on the Norfolk Coast
Cromer Pier
Norfolk Coastal Path
Norfolk Coastal Path
Wells Beach Huts on the Norfolk Coast
Wells Beach

Here’s some pictures to get you thinking! The only blues I intend on seeing in this winter are the blue hues of the Norfolk coastline. Hope to see you in the distance on a walk!

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