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    Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

    Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

    An incredible opportunity to get up close with the wonders of Norfolk sea life. The Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary allows visitors to experience life under the sea by creating a walk under the waves. The special tanks house many varieties of sea creatures.  The tanks offer a viewer to see an environment closely resembling the sea life’s natural habitat. Sharks, turtles and rays can be seen swimming above your head in this amazing tunnel tank system. In smaller tanks, you can view the colourful coral reef creatures from the tropical waters. Saltwater life is generally more colourful than freshwater varieties, making spectacular viewing in this area of the sanctuary.


    In the outside enclosure watch the otters playing in their own special “river”.  You can then watch the seals in their tank and see them play under the water through the viewing area. There is even a special enclosure for penguins!

    The Rockpool area shows creatures that live closer to the Norfolk shoreline.  Guests young and old like this because it allows you to get closer than you might normally dare.

    Sea Hospital

    Also at the Hunstanton Sanctuary is the Seal Hospital.  Many Seals are nursed to better health here, eventually being released back into the sea. Learn more about how the seals are rescued and then rehabilitated. You might like to help at some point and in some way. We have seen many seals make it back to life in their natural habitat.  The successes are often only due to the selfless help of people at the sanctuary; we at Norfolk’s Hidden Gems are so thankful for that.

    With educational talks, feeding time and other events throughout the year, this attraction is a must for budding marine biologists. A great place for people to find out what really is lurking under the waves and further out to sea.

    New to the Sanctuary this year are the “Rainforest Rangers” who are on-hand to introduce visitors to the creepy crawlies of the jungles. Take a closer look at the snakes, fish and reptiles of the Amazon if you’re not too scared. Lots of wide eyes youngsters in here with stories to tell and questions to ask their parents at bedtime, treasured memories indeed

    Refreshments are also available after hours of fun exploring all the wonders in and around the sea and, if they have energy left to spare, youngsters can be pirates in the play area outside.

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