Introducing Coastguard Cottage

Introducing Coastguard Cottage
Coatguard Cottage from a Drone

Coastguard Cottage fulfils the market for something special when it comes to Holiday Homes, wherever they may be.

There is always room for high quality top end properties which have an established place in the holiday home market. A high percentage of people choose a 5 star review level as their go to type holiday property. They like Egyptian cotton and expensive fittings.

At Norfolk’s Hidden Gems we have high end properties and love them as much as the next person. However, we are busy looking for alternatives. Something different, to wow guests, with a change, a challenge, an experience. Something that allows and encourages guests to make memories they can treasure.

Making great memories for guests is part of our psyche and will remain an important part of our core values forever.

I remember holidaying with my family, the ones that stood out were the ones in hard to reach places. Perhaps where the cows mooing woke you up in the morning even staying in properties that were somehow less than perfect but still characterful.

We have just taken on our books to launch very soon such a characterful property. Its neighbour who shares the drive is a windmill. It used to be the coast guard lookout station in Weybourne on the North Norfolk coast, the duty room is now the living room.

Coastguard Cottage

We have had to work with the owner to make it safe for our guests and tame it a little. Sympathetically we hope. We have had to insist on fencing off the cliff edge to the garden. The gas lighting has to be switched off and isolated, what a shame. Does anyone remember a gas mantle? Above Egyptian cotton duvets? eek.

The owner has been magnificent, fencing off the 40 foot drop and setting up solar electricity because the property is off grid. No more “last one to bed switch the generator off”. We do still however have a gas cooker and fridge – yes gas fridge.

Coastguard Cottage sleeps 8 comfortably, it is a challenge in the winter and an experience in the summer. A truly great place to hang out, relax and refresh, or even hold coastal path challenges. Close enough to coastal towns, the nearest being the delightful town of Sheringham.

The now complete Norfolk Coastal Path goes around the back of the property. Did I mention the baby canon in the garden? I can feel the memories already.

Look out for our drone video coming in the next day or two.

The official photographs will also be out soon from Santos Photography. I am excited I can’t wait to share with you this latest Norfolk’s Hidden Gem.

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