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    Sandringham House

    Sandringham Estate

    The coveted Norfolk retreat for Her Majesty The Queen, Sandringham has been owned by The Royal Family since 1862. The house and gardens are in the heart of the 8,000-hectare estate which covers varying terrain including natural woodlands, manicured gardens and the marshes of the Wash.

    The ground floor of the house is open to the public and is very much wheelchair friendly so everyone can enjoy the decor, collections and feeling of homeliness within the rooms regularly used by the Royal Family.


    The former coach houses and stables of the estate now house the Museum including many amazing pieces gifted to Her Majesty during State Visits. There are many royal vehicles housed there including the children’s toy cars that have been gifted to the young royals through the years.

    With 24 hectares of gardens to explore there is everything from a Walled Garden, formal gardens, lakes and woodlands. Many alterations have been made over the decades to reflect different times and tastes of the various members of the Royal Family. A further 243 hectares of Country Park are available to the public. This is a very popular destination, facilities are well provided and can easily support the high number of visitors received.

    A short drive from the Estate itself is Wolferton Train Station which has received many Royal travellers en route to Sandringham. The line itself was completed in 1862 and ran from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton and whilst much of it has now gone due to the increase in road travel, Wolferton Station has been preserved and now stands as a museum to bygone times.

    Church of St. Mary

    Also within the Estate is the Church of St Mary Magdalene which the Royal Family and Estate staff regularly use as a place of worship. This is the Church often seen on TV and in the media in the past as the Royals place of worship at Christmas. The church itself dates back to the 16th Century in its present state and houses memorials to many members of the Royal Family from Queen Victoria and is of exceptional historic interest.

    With so many places to explore and various events to attend as well as Visitor Centres and Restaurants, Sandringham is a hard place not to visit.

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