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    If you want to experience what life by the sea in Norfolk is like, then Sheringham is the place to go.  Mostly unchanged, the town has thrived because of its heritage, Norfolk charm, sense of community and award-winning beach. Sheringham is popular with families and people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

    Sheringham is famous as a fishing town and has a small harbour where fishermen set out to catch fish regularly.   The town benefits from a certain mix of weather, geology and geographic location.  This ensures that plant and animal life are seen here that you don’t see elsewhere in East Anglia.  Sheringham’s weather is slightly warmer than the rest of the coast.  The weather and stunning scenery make it an ideal place to come for walkers.

    Sheringham has a connection to the arts and a recent boom in interest at the Little Theatre. There are plenty of places to get a dose of culture in this small town.  With its fully functioning British Rail line which links it directly to the cultural city of Norwich. Sheringham is becoming as well known for it’s emerging art scene as for its fish and chips and spectacular nature.

    North Norfolk Railway

    It is also the home of the North Norfolk Railway, which operates steam trains to Holt and back. This is a lovely way to see some of the coast and countryside visible from a car.

    Sheringham has a beautiful promenade which runs in and out of the low cliffs and is connected to the town above by a mixture of steps and slopes; something to bear in mind if you require a wheelchair or pushchair access.  With plenty of tearooms, pubs and restaurants to choose from, you can enjoy fresh and local food from the comfort of an easy chair or you are just as spoilt grabbing some of Sheringham’s finest fish and chips and heading down to a bench overlooking the seafront.

    There are plenty of facilities in Sheringham to choose from, with and with a twice weekly market (Wednesday and Saturday) to browse through as well, you can see why Sheringham still attracts the number of visitors it does every year.

    Tide times

    Sheringham beach can be a little rocky when the tide is in, however, making sure you get there when the tide is out means you can discover the beautiful soft sand that hides below the water and enjoy traditional beach activities.  Make sure you check out the tide times before heading too far away from shore.

    Sheringham is very proud of its history and is happy to tell you all about it; from the tales from the sea that are on display in The Mo Museum, to the blue plaque that marks where the first bomb hit our shores in WW1: it did not go off and in true seaside style, was carried away from the town in a bucket

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